Modern Language Association

Senior engineer, responsible for migrating all database systems to Amazon RDS and EC2. Also lead engineer to consolidate all systems to a CRM running on MySQL.

CBS Interactive

Senior engineer responsible for migrating the ad delivery system from Sybase to a three node Oracle RAC. Also responsible for supporting Teradata.

Tata Telepresence

“Green field” project and ground up design for the Tata Telepresence project. Used multi-node MySQL replication.

Sonus Networks

Technical director responsible of the provisioning system of a class 5 softswitch. Project lead for cluster standardization and migration from Solaris to Linux.


Manager/ Senior Database Engineer - Architected and implented all phases of migrating the existing database system to a clustered pair of Sun Servers. Reported directly to the President and CTO and except for provisioning the network swicthes, handled all aspects of this project, from negotiating contracts and support, to provisioning the storage array, to installing the OS and clustering software.

AT&T Labs

Distinguished member of Technical Staff - The only DBA when AT&T implemented their WorldNet Service (ISP).

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