Veritas VCS and RAC cluster

The above pic is a clustered solution that I architected for our customers, that could either run Veritas VCS or up to a nine node Oracle RAC cluster. NOTE redundant everything.


I've been involved in the computer industry for more than twenty(20) years, mostly as a DBA and sometimes as a programer and sysadmin.

My bacherlor’s degree is in Mathematics, but I was hooked on computers the day I ran a quick Borland C program that spit out the words "hello world". My first formal introduction to computers was a class taught at CUNY (all Bell Labs professors) during a summer class where we had to write a two pass assembler in assembler. From that point on, there was no turning back (To this day, I still have my orginal yellow IBM assembler booklet - BALR anyone ?)

So far, the high water mark in my career was when I first joined Sonus Networks. Everyone around me had either a Master's degree or a PhD, but these guys were actually smart since they were all Bell Labs folks..

When you feel like you are the dumbest person in the room, it really steps up your game!

I'm unusual in what I do, because as a DBA, I can code. I've written C++ Socket programs, and the latest Android app is the hardest thing (hands down) in anything I've ever done, and it has nothing to do with what I do from 9-5. What gives me an edge though, is that I leverage, whenever possible, an RDBMS. Android comes with one built in (SQLite), so storing and retrieving data using a database in an Android app is the only way to go.

It's not all bits and bytes though. At 17, I rebuilt the engine on the car and just sold it in the summer of 2016 (A 1971 Stage 1 Buick) and I'm eyeballing a Kenne Bell super-charger for my Scat-Pack Challenger with the 392.

I also love to garden and spending time with my family.- Mike -

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